Rating System

5-Star Rating

★★★★★Favorite / Masterpiece
★★★★½Exceptional / Well-Crafted
★★★★Great / Exciting, Affecting, Memorable / Enlightening
★★★½Very Good / Interesting Concept & Execution
★★★Good / Eye-Opening
★★½Mixed Feelings / Flawed but Worthy / Moderately Insightful
★★Disappointing / Mediocre & Uninteresting / Soulless
★½Regrettable / Notably Flawed and Frustrating
Taken from Cinemayward


OriginalityThe uniqueness and originality of the premise or story.
PlotThe actions, events, conflicts, and turning points that propel the story forward. How the story unfolds.
CharactersPersonalities that are distinctive, compelling, multi-layered, and unpredictable. A protagonist and antagonist with clear and active goals.
Music ScoreIs the music score suited to the film and does it help tell the story s a character of it’s own.
Entertainment ValueDoes the story keep the viewer’s or reader’s attention?  It is fun, engaging, or thought provoking?
Taken from Cause Film Festival


Review yang ditulis berdasarkan pengalaman penulis saat menonton film/serial TV. Jika suatu tontonan kurang oke menurut kami, bukan berarti kamu nggak boleh menontonnya. Jadikan tulisan kami sebagai referensi. Silahkan menulis argumen tanpa menyerang personal atau keluar dari konteks. Terima kasih.